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2009-08-16 10:28 pm


that was certainly nothing but frustrating.
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2009-03-26 03:21 pm

Reminder about Saturday.. Say farewell to Scott aka [ profile] trckrfckr

Scott is moving back to Toronto on March 31st.  I realize this is a wide net I'm casting, but I want to make sure that friends who care about Scott are aware of his departing date in case they'd like to wish him farewell.  If you don't know Scott please disregard.

I plan to make sure he's at the Eagle Tavern SF on Saturday the 28th of March at around 9pm.  So if you'd like to come say "see ya later" in person this would be a perfect opportunity.  If you want to wish him well from afar he is of course on LJ as  [ profile] trckrfckr , and his email address is

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2009-03-12 10:07 am

Calling all high pitched voiced Master Thespians!

The mouse house is casting for the voice of Mickey Mouse and I can provide you details if you're interested.
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2009-01-22 02:16 pm

Aim above morality!

Maude paraphrasing Thoreau:

"It's best not to be too moral. You cheat yourself
out of too much life. Aim above morality.
If you apply that to life, you're bound to live it fully."

Ruth Gordon, as Maude,
Harold and Maude

Off to hear Bud Cort speak tonight followed by a Harold and Maude screening at the Castro Theater.
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2009-01-12 10:21 pm
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20 Questions Meme for Dave

Here ya go [ profile] shake_it_up

Meme rules:
A. People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blog and replace any question that they dislike with a new, original question.

I changed #18

B. Tag eight people (SEE BELOW!). Don't refuse to do that. Don't tag who tagged you.
Read more )

Not calling for participation from anyone in particular, just hope 8 of you do it too. :)
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2009-01-09 03:22 pm

Monsters Rule, Hello Kitty Drools

From the awesome Minnesota kids who took part in the Pumpkin Carve 2008 Contest narrowly being defeated by [ profile] bearinslc.
Thanks Irene, Tim and Theo! You win in my book for wanting to participate with a bunch of old farts like us!


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2008-12-30 12:02 pm

Anyone looking for a great 1920's 1bd apartment in Oakland for only $1100 a month?

It's a great place in a fantastic location, only a block from the Grand Lake theater. Dog/Cat friendly, newly finished hardwood floors, excellent large windows, great light, top floor. 4 unit building. If interested.. let me know. I was going to take it but need to change my plans and have already put my deposit down.

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2008-11-13 03:51 pm

The Blessing of the Corona

I love how the sconce gave him the light of gawd.

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2008-11-07 10:35 pm

Final Great 2008 Pumpkin Carve Results

We have a winner!

Congratulations [ profile] bearinslc !

Thanks again for playing everyone!  Great Pumpkins all around! 


The marches in SF and SLC today really moved me.  I'm heading to Sacramento on Sunday to march on the capital!  Hope to see you there!

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2008-11-07 05:36 pm

Final Great 2008 Pumpkin Carve Results

Until I hear back from the final person who voted for more than one contestant.. we won't know.
I hope to hear from them soon.. and will let you all know the results!  It's a close race indeed!

Thanks again everyone for participating!
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2008-11-07 03:27 pm

Polls close soon. 5pm Pacific Time! Cast your vote now!

Vote Here!

Please cast only one vote.  Thanks!

Oh... if you voted more than once, please send me an email (mindplay at gmail dot com) stating the single vote you would like me to count.  I'll contact you if I don't hear from you.  I'll announce the winner once all votes have been tabulated.

Thanks again for participating everyone!  Great show of creativity and Halloween Spirit!

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2008-11-05 02:12 pm

Perseverance brings equality

This article brightened my day immensely.

I spent a good chunk of my morning depressed and in tears with my office door closed. 
I was feeling sorry for myself and for my friends. 

Fuck That!

I'm no longer sad.. I am energized.

Equality is a process! We must recognize progress and take the high road in our fight.  Be sad for a little while, but don't be defeated thinking it's over now. Pick yourselves up and fight the good fight. We owe ourselves this perseverance and we will find an end to the injustice of Prop 8's passing. We are equal citizens! I have great hope that others will realize this, but we must continue to let them know we will fight for our rights.  Equality is never free or easy, but equality is always worth fighting for.

Don't be silent, don't forget. Leverage the rights you have for the rights you desire and deserve!
This is another step on the long path to equality.. keep walking!
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2008-11-05 12:04 pm

Let's try this again!

Yeah.. I'm a big dummy.. I'll admit it. The prior poll is now closed. If you voted before, please re-cast your vote.[Poll #1292059][Poll #1292059]
The prize for the winning Jack O' Lantern....
a very hard to get Wall-e Branded Igloo Cooler filled with promotional Wall-e items!
The contestant with the most votes 5pm Friday, November 7th wins!

Thanks for your patience with my lack of LJ poll knowledge.
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2008-11-03 01:41 pm

2008 Great Pumpkin Carve

We ended up with 15 marvelous pumpkins this year.
I'll be adding a poll here later today so you can vote for your favorite Jack O' Lantern.

The prize for the winning Jack O' Lantern....
a very hard to get Wall-e Branded Igloo Cooler filled with promotional Wall-e items!

The contestant with the most votes 5pm Friday, November 7th wins!

Thanks again to everyone who participated!
Hopefully I won't wait another 3 years to do it again :)

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2008-10-31 02:15 pm

Still Time!

Send me your entries here:

mindplay @

They all look amazing everyone!

Thanks for participating!!!

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2008-10-30 10:13 am

Political Pumpkin

Get out there and vote everyone!

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2008-10-30 12:11 am

7.. 7 pumpkins.. mwah hah ah ahha ha

You still have time! Get to carvin'!

Check out the entries here:

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2008-10-28 11:11 am

Flickr Set of Pumpkin Entries

Oh.. Here is where you'll find the 2008 Jack O' Lantern entries.

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2008-10-28 11:08 am
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Woooo Hooooo!

My sister in-law just went into labor in Minneapolis.

*puts on uncle hat*