Nov. 5th, 2008

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Yeah.. I'm a big dummy.. I'll admit it. The prior poll is now closed. If you voted before, please re-cast your vote.[Poll #1292059][Poll #1292059]
The prize for the winning Jack O' Lantern....
a very hard to get Wall-e Branded Igloo Cooler filled with promotional Wall-e items!
The contestant with the most votes 5pm Friday, November 7th wins!

Thanks for your patience with my lack of LJ poll knowledge.
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This article brightened my day immensely.

I spent a good chunk of my morning depressed and in tears with my office door closed. 
I was feeling sorry for myself and for my friends. 

Fuck That!

I'm no longer sad.. I am energized.

Equality is a process! We must recognize progress and take the high road in our fight.  Be sad for a little while, but don't be defeated thinking it's over now. Pick yourselves up and fight the good fight. We owe ourselves this perseverance and we will find an end to the injustice of Prop 8's passing. We are equal citizens! I have great hope that others will realize this, but we must continue to let them know we will fight for our rights.  Equality is never free or easy, but equality is always worth fighting for.

Don't be silent, don't forget. Leverage the rights you have for the rights you desire and deserve!
This is another step on the long path to equality.. keep walking!


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